Medical Coin

Medical Incubator/LaunchPad


Providing medical technology startups with growth opportunities through our Incubator System, and creating the new
standard in access to early-stage private companies.

Mission Statement

● We believe in a world where everyone has access to quality healthcare.
● Blockchain technology and innovative medical startups are the means to achieve this.
● Our mission is to provide growth to early-stage medical startups that are necessary for the world and to
transition our products to a decentralized health care system.
● Through our team’s collective experiences with years in the medical device industry in product development,
quality, and manufacturing. We believe we can accelerate the growth process and help provide a new standard
of care.

How does it work

● MEDCoin is an incubator and launchpad for blockchain Medical startups.
● At MEDCoin, we provide curated Initial Medical Offerings (IMOs) through our platform, supporting quality
blockchain startups reach crowdsourced funding, as well as helping them with
○ Product development, quality, FDA regulations, manufacturing, community building, and marketing
○ While providing an avenue for our community to get exclusive investing access to early stage Medical
    startups before they get listed on exchanges.
● Medical Coin is granted a percentage of equity between 3-10% based on the services rendered for the startups
● Startups are incentivised to exclusively use MEDCoin token as the only form of cryptocurrency they will accept.